Golden Belt Gives
Golden Belt Gives 2020
11/01/20 - 12/01/20
Golden Belt Gives 2020
11/01/20 - 12/01/20

Pilot Club of Great Bend

Goal: $1,200.00

Specific Need

Pilots provide financial and hands-on-support for national and local initiatives.  Locally we provide sponsorship and support to the county's Alzheimer's Association, we put on Autism Spectrum Disorder workshops and training for families, educators, and health professionals.  We educate and give away helmets, car seats and quilts and blankets to children in the community.  We sponsor, volunteer and donate to the schools and local library for education and learning and health programs.  We provide scholaships from Pilot International to students in the field of brain-related services and related studies.    All this to achieve universal awareness and prevention of brain-related disorders and disabilities for all ages.  


Pilot Club of Great Bend Mission: To improve the quality of life in our community

Pilot International Mission: To improve the quality of life in our community by influencing positive change in and around our community and throughout the world. 

Our Vision: To achieve universal awareness and prevention of brain-related disorders and disabilities for all ages.    To achieve this, we: come together in friendship and give people an outlet for service. We provide financial and hands-on-support for national and local initiatives with Pilot International’s focus.

Pilot International's focus:  "Do More, Care More and Be More," by:  Preparing youth and young adults for service, encourage brain safety, health, and fitness, support those who care for others.


History of Great Bend Pilot Club:   For 33 years Pilot Club of Great Bend has served the community. The Great Bend Pilot Club was chartered on December 6, 1987.  To date, three charter members remain in our club, Renee Johnson, Sharon Mauler, and Nancy Sundahl.  You can visit our website, and our Facebook page,

Our Motto:  "True Course Ever"  is derived from and inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of the 1920's who represented leasdership and guidance.     

Members:    Currently 35 members meet at noon on the first Tuesday (business meeting) and third Tuesday (program meeting) of the month Executive Board members meet as needed.  By ZOOM or in-person as is prudent with social distancing during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Heartland District:   Great Bend Pilot Club is a member of Heartland District which is comprised of 13 clubs in four States; Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma.

Pilot International: In 2021, Pilot International will celebrate its 100th anniversary.  For 33 years the Great Bend Pilot Club has been a member of Pilot International (PI) which is a community - based volunteer service organization founded in 1921 in Macon, Georgia, on the principles of "Friendship and Service".   With more than 7,500 members in 375 Pilot Clubs, Pilots are located in the U.S., the Bahamas, Japan, and South Africa. Pilots provide financial and hands-on-support for national and local initiatives. BrainMinders is Pilot International’s signature program originally designed in  2001. PI realized there was a need to teach brain injury prevention to preschoolers, children, youth, and seniors, so a presentation was developed.  Puppets, stuffed animals, and color books were designed to help teach brain safety to children and BRAIN-O bingo was designed to teach safety to seniors. Our newest initiative is providing free Bike Helmets to children with instruction on Bike safety and safe play. 

The Club serves the community through our Divisions:  

MEMBERSHIP is responsible for recruiting, reclaiming and retaining members, new member orientation, public relations and participation in community-wide events.

FUNDRAISING is responsible for activities that generate funds to finance club operations and projects.

PROJECTS is responsible for activities related to community service and improvement, safety, education, patriotism, international relations, Pilot International endorsed projects, assistance to the elderly, disabled and those with financial difficulties.

LEADERSHIP is responsible for promoting good leadership and motivation within our pilot club organization, communicate the vision of Pilot Club to new members, share information from Pilot International with club members, and update Policies and Procedures in the club manual.


PO Box 503
Great Bend KS 67530
Phone: 6206170149

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