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Golden Belt Gives 2020
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Pawnee County Extension - Summer Food Buddies

Specific Need

We organized the Summer Food Buddies program in 2013 to provide food throughout the summer to 50 youth in our community that were food insecure.  When school ends, meals for youth end, and children may not receive the food they need in summer months.  This is a problem we are working to correct. 

                The Kansas Food Bank has a summer program to provide meals to food insecure youth.  Youth will receive one meal per day, seven cartons of milk, and a pack of food for the weekend.  All food items are shelf-stable so if there is no refrigeration available, the food would remain safe to eat.


Our mission is to provide a stable food source during the summer months for food insecure families. Youth should not have to go without nutritious and healthy foods.


We are planning on providing for 100 youth, which would be 55 days of meals per youth and 11 weekend packs per youth.  The program would be providing 5,500 meals and 1,100 weekend packs throughout the summer.  The cost per youth is $21.75 per week, $87.00 per month, or $239.25 for the summer.  We are in the process of securing a total of $23,925.00 to cover the cost of this program.  These figures are based on providing meals to 100 youth.


If your organization would be able to donate to this important project or would like to sponsor a child for the summer, contact  the Pawnee County Extension Office (620-285-6901). 


All donated money will go towards the purchase of food for local youth. 


If you would like to schedule a program at your organization for further explanation of the Summer Food Buddies program, be sure to contact us! 

                Thanks in advance for your generous support!

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715 Broadway, Room 6
Larned KS 67550
Phone: (620) 285-6901

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