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Golden Belt Gives 2020
11/01/20 - 12/01/20
Golden Belt Gives 2020
11/01/20 - 12/01/20

Central Kansas CASA, Inc.


The mission of Central Kansas CASA, Inc. is to advocate for and with child survivors of abuse and neglect by providing a pool of trained caring volunteers who speak for the best interest of these children until a safe, loving, and permanent home can be established.


“Jordan”, “Emily” and “Sarah” are sisters that were removed from their home, due to parent’s drug involvement, domestic violence issues, and inadequate living arrangements.  The girls were separated in foster care, their CASA advocated in court that the girls be placed together. She was successful in reuniting 2 of the girls into one foster home.  “Emily” was placed in a foster home 75 miles away, making visitations with her sisters more troublesome. Visits were scheduled on Thursdays for 1 hour.   This meant that the girls were missing some school, and Emily had to travel extensively each week to see her sisters. After accessing the difficulties these travels times created, the CASA advocated that visits be extended to 3 hours on Saturdays. The girls welcomed the longer visits and school attendance was no longer disrupted.  


CASA volunteers make changes, big and small.  CASA volunteers advocate for the best interest of a child(s), whether that means a recommendation to the judge to alter living situations, to add services or resources, or to change visitation schedules…

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